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Legal information for individuals



This article explains who needs a visa to visit Armenia, the available types of visa, the documents required and the application process.

Work Permits

This article explains when foreigners need a work permit to work in Armenia and the procedure of obtaining it.



This article provides information about the available types of residence permits, eligibility, documents required and the overall process.


This page explains what documents are apostilled by the Armenian authorities, which government bodies place an apostille and the application process.

Armenian Citizenship

This article explains the eligibility criteria, required documents and the procedure for acquiring Armenian citizenship.


This article explains the consequences of draft evasion in Armenia, legal ways to avoid prosecution and the process of military registration of citizens from abroad.

Real estate

This page explains who can acquire real estate in Armenia, how a real estate transaction is concluded, tax considerations and the risks involved.


Information about what is included in the inheritance, how a will is made, intestate priority classes, how inheritance can be accepted.

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